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de Aromas y Fragancias,

Río Tutunendo

Selva, aguas y playas

Río Ichó

Quibdó City of Flavors and colors

Río Atrato

Mar pacifico


chaparraido tutunendo

What we do

We offer to live experiences of nature tourism by the rivers of Chocó, natural wealth that this Paficic region possesses through responsible and environmentally friendly nature tourism with which we contribute to the development of the communities.

We promote our products and services through tourist packages, articulating the entire offer of the communities, with strategic allies, using digital channels such as the website and networks.

We work directly with the people of the destination, it is they who are in charge of developing the activities: the lady who prepares the food on the wood stove, the fisherman and farmer, who in their means of transport gives the visitor a tour of the river enjoying the enchanting landscapes and tributaries.

In articulation with: Alcaldía de Quibdó, Cámara de Comercio del Chocó, RAP Pacifico, PNUD, SENA, CODECHOCÓ, IIAP, PROCOLOMBIA, Fontur.


Fiestas de Sampacho
Quibdó City of Flavors
and colors

Capital of the department of Chocó, city of flavors and colors, with the imposing Atrato River and its San Pacho festivities, where you live to the sound of the Sun, the Rain and the Chirimía Share with its friendly people on a tour of its main streets and sights of the city.

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US$ 36,00
Nuquí 3días 2noches

Nuquí es un municipio colombiano en el departamento de Chocó, a 184 km de Quibdó, capital del departamento. Ubicado estratégicamente en el Pacífico Norte Colombiano, Es un paraíso adecuado para el desarrollo del ecoturismo.

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Documents of interest

Business line

We want to invite you on a tripcalled Chocó with an empty suitcase.

You will fill your suitcase with all the experiences, with everything that here in Chocó we have to give you, come and live!

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